Welcome to San Pedro Junior College for the school year 2015-2016  I am confident that together, with our programs and with your enthusiasm, we will accomplish our goals.  Together we can grow as an institution and you in your educational endeavors.  I trust that by the end of this educational journey, you, the students, will have grown into better individuals, more caring persons, a highly motivated work force, and a spirited group of intellectuals.

          I invite you to read through this catalogue with keen attention, as it will carry you through a very comprehensive plan of action that will ensure your success as a junior college graduate.  At the end of our two-year program you should be able to feel pride of this institution and similarly we should be proud of you and your accomplishments.

              I challenge you to take advantage of the many opportunities, which will be provided for you at San Pedro Junior College so that together we can “Anchor in Success”.

Mr. Gustavo A. Ellis J.P.


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